About us
HIBERNATION started in 2020 as a way to get some rest and reflection for three tired art school graduates.
In 2022 it has grown into a collective research project on the values and image connected to contemporary artist hood and the re-examination of art education under large institutes.  

HIBERNATION organizes a residency program every two winters in a remote place somewhere in Europe. Together, artists get the chance to explore their internalized views on artisthood, success, and productivity as well as learn from each other outside of any institutional framework.
The collective research is continued outside of the residency by the recording of podcasts, the making of zines, and some public programming.

HIBERNATION is open to any and all who want to contribute, be a part of, or just shout into the void with us. Take a look at our calendar, send us an e-mail or put something on the riseup pad!